Laser Cutting and Marking Machinery

Laser Cutting

i. Laser Cutting

  • For the precise and accurate cutting of SS/aluminum/Copper/Plastic/wood /Paper and Textile  in to various shapes from simple to delicate profiles and  geometries.
  • These laser cutting is applied on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Cooper, Alloy, Solar cell, PCB, Film, Ceramic, Silicon Wafer, Fuel Cell
  • It can be used from a Nano Size to an industrial size product

ii .Laser Marking

  • Laser Marking can be done precisely on any part or component .
  • It can be used to mark Serial and Barcode marking, Solar sell cutting, Electric parts logo, Mobile keypad printing, Auto mobile parts, Surgical instruments, Ultra hard tools, Mold, Accessories, Plastic marking, Gifts.
  • It can be applied on All kind of Metal, Plastic, Ceramic, PCB, Semiconductor, ABS, Fuse, Gasket, Film

copper cutting Vertical Bandsaw acrylic cutting
aluminum cutting mild- teel cutting plactic cutting
plactic engraving plastic cutting  
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