Taiwan largest maker, stockiest and exporter for the Turning, Milling, Grinding Machines attachments, Jig & Fixtures, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools. Unbelievable performance and Price. Please ask for free sample to your nearest office. We are the largest stock holder of Vertex Products in Pakistan.

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DTS introduced the Filtermist UK product oil Mist Filters. Its small in cost but have unimaginable impact on the shopfloor environment to maximize your profit . Oil Mist filter of FilterMist UK special design help you to

  • Keep the shop floors clean. your factory floors can be clean and non slippery reducing the cleaning cost.
  • Clean air will be helpful for the improvement of the workers who otherwise had to face Asthma and other respiratory diseases due to oilmist in the air to breath.
  • Keep your airconditioning system much efficient, filters life is enhanced and cooling effect is increased.
  • Due to non dry air, electrical and electronics parts failure is reduced substantially.

FiltermistXcel2 units are in use around the World in virtually all types of machining operations and industrial sectors, including: general machining; spark eroding; grinding; turning; food spraying and industrial washing processes.

The extensive range provides solutions to many different machine types and applications. This ranges from small lathes to large mills and from first generation grinders to ‘State of the Art’ machining centres.

How it works.

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